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Supply List 2019 – 2020


1 inch binder with clear pocket on front
2 boxes of tissue
1 hand sanitizing gel (8 oz.)
Ziploc bags: Quart-girls
Ziploc bags: Gallon-boys
1 container cleaning wipes
(Clorox, Lysol)
4 large glue sticks
1 pack dry erase markers
1 composition notebook
(no spiral notebooks)
1 primary notebook (space at top for picture)
2 plastic folders
( 1 red, 1 blue)
1 bag individually wrapped candy
(Smarties, Starburst,etc)
Regular size book bag
1 pack of yellow pencils

First Grade

1 composition notebook
1 pack of printer paper
1 pack of 4 Expo markers
2 vinyl folders with prongs
8 glue sticks
2 packs of Ticonderoga pencils
1 box of 24 crayons
1 pencil pouch
2 pink erasers
2 boxes of Kleenex
2 containers of Clorox wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer (12 oz.)
Girls – Ziploc quart bags
Boys – Ziploc sandwich bags

Second Grade

3 in. Post-It notes – any color
2 notebooks
2 packs of Ticonderoga pencils
2 large pink or white erasers
1 box of crayons
1 pencil box-no pouches
8 glue sticks
2 boxes of tissues
2-3 containers of Clorox wipes
1 pair of scissors
(1) 1 ½ in. binder with clear pocket on the front
Hand sanitizer (boys only)
2 packs wide-ruled loose leaf paper (girls only)
1 folder with holes

Third Grade

5 marbled composition notebooks (any color)
3 plastic folders with pockets & holes
( no prongs)
4 boxes of tissues
3 boxes of 24 count pencils
(no mechanical pencils)
2 bottles of hand sanitizer
1 pack of pencil top erasers
1 pack of dry erase markers
Pencil pouch (No pencil boxes, please)
2 packs of wide-ruled loose leaf paper
2 packs of copy/printer paper
Clorox or Lysol wipes
1 box of Ziploc bags – girls-gallon size; boys-quart size
Crayons or colored pencils
White index cards (3×5 or 4×6)
Headphones or earbuds (please label w/ your child’s name)

Fourth Grade

3 packs # 2 pencils
2 packs of wide-ruled loose leaf paper
2 packs dry erase markers
8 pack glue sticks
Colored pencils
Hand sanitizer
1 container Clorox wipes
2 1-inch binders
4 composition notebooks
Band-aids (boys)
Tissues (girls)
Ziploc bags – sandwich (girls)
Ziploc bags – gallon (boys)

Fifth Grade

1 graph composition book (math)
3 marble composition books (any color)
1 poly pocket folder with prongs
4 dozen #2 pencils
1 pack yellow highlighters
1 pack wide-ruled loose leaf paper
Book bag (no wheels)
1 bottle hand sanitizer or 1 gal. size
1 container of disinfecting wipes
1 package of Tissues
Ear buds (several sets to last the year – can purchase at Dollar Tree) or a nicer set of headphones
Zipper pencil pouch (no boxes)
Colored pencils
1 box crayons 24 count
1 pack lined index cards (3×5)


Published by Catherine Ingram on May 28, 2019
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